Mo’ money, mo’ dinner

It’s been a long road, but here we are in October. 16 days left, but really, who’s counting? Some days I feel like we’ve barely just gotten here(not often), and some days I feel like we haven’t seen our own shores in years(kind of a lot). As Tryn put it before we left, you can do a lot of things if it’s only for a few months, which doesn’t sound all that long now that we’re on the tail end of it.

The really fun part about these last two weeks is that we finally don’t have to give a damn about money. Tryn got paid a few days ago, and she’ll get paid again on the 12th, so we can do all the things we’ve been wishing we could, but had to say no to due to needing to not burn through all of her paychecks. Although I should be honest, when I say “all the things we couldn’t do”, what I really mean is eat a lot of awesome food. We made another trip to Firehouse, known to some of you who have asked about it as Burger Heaven, and I think we were so happy to have red meat that the people at the table next to us might have been a little disturbed. Between the appetizer and the sheer size of the portions on the burger, I actually got full about halfway through, but there was no way I was leaving any of it.

We’ve also blown a nice chunk of money on training over the last few days back at Watcharachai’s place. I got to work with cranky smoking guy again, which remains as great as it was last time. He’s easily my favorite trainer to work with out of everyone I’ve been to. Mostly the thing that I like the most is how easy it is to get along with everyone here, which is helped by the fact that we all eat breakfast and dinner together. Also, everyone generally seems to be enjoying themselves even in the middle of gasping for air and wondering why 4 minutes is all of a sudden so freaking long. I also have to admit to being wrong about Bun, the guy I had a bad time with last time. Both of my workouts with him this time were really good, so maybe something was up last time.

It’s been a pretty good couple of weeks since I last updated, except for car shopping, which is probably an entire separate post’s worth of aggravation. Anyway, to let everyone know where we’ll be and when, our current timetable looks like this-

10/17- Fly out of Bangkok at 2AM(ugh), layover in Shanghai, get to JFK airport in New york at 2PM(time zones suck balls).

10/21- MS bike ride with dad and Jacob. 30 miles, so hopefully I’ll have kicked off the jet lag by then.

10/24- Flying back out of New York(yes, that is actually happening) to Hawaii for Bridget’s birthday.

11/1- Fly back to NY

11/2- Drive up to Rochester

11/3- Tryn’s slightly-delayed birthday party

That’s what we’re looking at right now, barring any kind of major schedule issues. Which there won’t be. Right, universe? Right.

-end transmission


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