Immigrant punk

I’ve reached a point where I occasionally have problems thinking of what to write here. There’s really only so many times I can tell everyone about training, or how hot it is, or eating parts of animals that I’m probably happier not knowing. So I’ll move onto a new topic- bureaucracy!

Last Monday, I went with Tryn to Ayutthaya(former capital of Thailand when it was still Siam) to do our visa extension paperwork. She had no problem, because she was also picking up her work permit, which allows her to stay through May of 2013, if we so chose to(we’re not). I figured mine should be easy enough, since my visa is a type O, which is sort of the catch-all for anything that’s not working, students, visiting family, or getting married. You know, O, for “other”. Shouldn’t be too tough, just fill out the form, tell them “My wife is a teacher who’s going to be here for another 3 months, so stamp me and I’ll get out of your hair, but you don’t have any left because you’re a government employee, so just give me the okay.” This should be simple.

Should be is the key phrase. Eventually, we found out that I can only get my extension once my first 90-day visa is within a month of expiring. That takes me through August 2nd, which means today is the first day I’d be eligible to get an extension. This is something we found out once we’d already driven to another province to get there, and we only found out because Tryn’s co-teacher who came with us to translate told me while I was doing my form. And then, we only found out from her because Tryn had to tell her “You know, if Eric gets deported, I’m leaving too.” Because there were zero shits given about helping me out up until that point. THEN we were told that I was a week too early, which could have saved us the wasted trip if her dumbass co-teacher had bothered to let Tryn know before we went. So instead, I’m headed back down by myself at some point this week to hopefully navigate Thai bureaucracy and not get punted out of the country. Sounds like it’s going to be a great time!

It’s not all bad, though. I finally got my birthday burger, and it was totally worth it.

-end transmission



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