The process

Last time was a bit of a downer. So let’s talk about the awesome island vacation we all just got back from instead! Tryn had a long weekend, so her coworkers rounded us up and we headed to Koh Chang, which is a little ways off the coast near Bangkok. The bus ride to Bangkok wasn’t terrible, excepting the giant traffic snarl we got caught in right outside the city. Traffic in this place makes New York traffic look like tiny little hiccups. The city as a whole makes Manhattan look pretty shabby, so I guess you go big or go home on everything. The night bus to Trat wasn’t so hot, though. Especially when the rain started. When I say “rain”, some of you may be thinking of thunderstorms at home. It’s not quite like that. The weather also goes in for extremes here, and I’m pretty sure we drove through a monsoon to get to the ferry. Thankfully it was all done by the time we got on the water, but I was really pretty sure I was going to die a few times due to falling trees.

By the time we got there, we’d been traveling for something like 15 hours or so, and it felt like being jet-lagged again. Luckily, getting to chill on the beach for three days fixes that right up. Tryn’s got pictures that should be up soon. The island felt remarkably like being back in Belize, actually. Especially when we got to the Mexican restaurant, which was just completely ridiculous with how good it was. Not “good for here, but not like at home”, either. It was freaking amazing and I’m really sure I undid almost all of last month’s work this weekend eating there. And I’d do it again, too. We ended the trip with a 7 hour van drive from Trat to Suphanburi, at which point nobody wanted to go anywhere for dinner, so we ordered a pizza and ate it in the common area downstairs. Definitely had a few college flashbacks from that one.

The weekend mostly made me feel better about the whole “far from home and everyone I know” thing. I mean, I still have occasional spikes of wishing it was October, but they’ve been fewer lately. This coming week, I’m going to be going off in search of a camp in Bangkok. Obviously I’m going to check out Kaewsamrit, because that’s where Primo went, and there’s definitely a bit of “You will go to the Dagobah system, there you will find Yoda, the Jedi master who trained me” feel to that. Doing a few days at each of them should be a fun time, and maybe I’ll find one to stick with for the rest of the time here. This weekend we’re headed down to Bangkok so I can go and buy the entire gear shop I’ve been told about. Tryn is coming with me to make sure I don’t go too overboard, because I have a seriously bad new toy reflex with new training stuff. I mean, yeah, at the end of the day, they’re just shorts and gloves. They do the same thing as my old ones. But still, new stuff!

Overall I’m starting to feel more like an actual person with an actual life again instead of a human-shaped ball of anxiety and stress and homesickness. Not quite all the way there yet, but it’s going decently enough so far.

-end transmission


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