Goodbye, shins

After a week of asking every single person who spoke even a little bit of English, I’ve managed to find a place to train, which everyone at Tryn’s school seems amazed by. I guess a lot of them have been asking and couldn’t find anywhere. More likely is that they weren’t willing to bother enough people, which has obviously never been a problem for me. The owner of one of the local bars told me that his mom knew the coach, so we met him on Tuesday and started training yesterday.

First thing that’s different is the jump ropes. I’m used to the little skinny ones from home, which look like this- Tough if you jump for long enough, but nothing awful. What we have over here, is this- I smacked myself in the foot with that thing and was worried for a second that I’d broken something. And my shoulders were burning something awful after about 30 seconds. That might take a bit of getting used to. As will the whole “checking with bare shins” thing. My right leg is currently purple and mutated, and I’ve pretty much been bathing in tiger balm since yesterday morning. I don’t know if the trainer has been noticing me wincing after about ten kicks or so, but I’m working on it. It’s been a pretty good time so far, though. The biggest difference from home is that they REALLY like elbows here. To a ridiculous degree. Guess I’ll have to keep that in mind when I get around to fighting here.

The trainer barely speaks any English, but after so many years trying to figure out absurdly heavy eastern European accents in fencing, I’m not too bad at picking up from context. I’ve been pulling translation duty for Tryn, which was appreciated. I got on the pads with him this morning, which was an experience, to say the least. Refer to the previous entry on my feelings about passing out in your own vomit. I’ve also been learning the ram muay, which is pretty cool. That would be the “dance with the weird headband” before fighting.

Right now I think I need to get some more sleep before tonight’s training, if I don’t want to fall over dead. That would make a bad impression, I think.

-end transmission


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