Me and Allstate- a love affair

So the car fiasco seems to have resolved itself quickly. I guess the girl who hit me admitted responsibility, so Geico was able to get the money out of her insurance pretty fast. As in, my car got wrecked on Friday, and I got called yesterday with the news that they were mailing me a check. My previous experience with insurance settlements indicated that “I think we can resolve this pretty quickly if everyone’s statements line up” actually means “You might get a check in about a month from now.” This whole two-business-day-turnaround thing is kinda shocking. Welcome news anyway, but I’d rather have my car than the money. That, of course, is not happening. Oh well, I’ll stash the payment in the bank until we come home and get something new. If I’m really lucky, maybe it’ll even have four doors this time. In the meantime, we’ll be taking the train down to New York instead of driving. It’ll be about 7 and a half to 8 hours, which isn’t really that bad. Only about an hour more than driving would have been, and this way I don’t have to be responsible for anything but keeping myself entertained. Also, some form of black sorcery has given Amtrak the ability to have wireless internet on their trains, so that’s nice.

The real purpose of this update, however, is to make sure everyone I know gets to hear about the adjustor from the girl’s insurance company. I got a call on Friday night from this guy, asking to confirm my information, get my statement, make sure everyone was okay, yadda yadda. All fairly typical stuff as far as it goes, if a little abnormal to be calling for at 7:30 at night on a Friday. No, the really surprising part was when, after getting my statement, I get this- “Now have you ever gotten a quote from Allstate, maybe considered switching over to us?”


Okay. I understand that this guy is just doing his job. He didn’t make the policy that forces him to ask if I want to switch my insurance to the company of the person who crashed into me. So I managed to avoid breathing fire through the phone and roasting him alive. Narrowly. But I’d very much like to meet the person who decided that their insurance agents should be asking someone who is, most likely, incredibly stressed and aggravated from a car accident, and ask if they’re giving any thought to switching their insurance. And maybe give them a life-threatening beating or two. No, Allstate Policymaker, I have not considered switching. Why? BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CAR ANYMORE. AAAAAGHJGKEHGSDBHKGWEUIAHSLKHRK

Well. That said, who the hell thought this would be a good idea? The insurance agent was just doing his job. This other asshole who made that decision can go light himself on fire. And jump off a cliff. Onto a big, pointy rock. That impales him in a location better left unspecified in polite conversation.

I’m still a little pissed is what I’m trying to say.

-end transmission


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